Baking Improvement – Essential Recipes for Improving Care

Cake and Sweets

There are ten times the number of articles published relating to Palliative Care now than there were thirty years ago.

Never before in humanity have we been able to have such knowledge and information at our fingertips as we have today. How do we make sense of this so that we can support people and their families living with the uncertainty of life-limiting illness?

Alexandru Dan Corlan. Medline trend: automated yearly statistics of PubMed results for any query, 2004. Web resource at URL: Accessed: 2019-04-11. (Archived by WebCite at

A short side-step – let’s imagine you want to eat something sweet.

There are lots of sweet things in the world. There are probably ten times more baking shows, books and websites than there were thirty years ago.

You know you want a cake rather than making boiled sweets. You may want to get an idea from different books. You look at the contents and there are fifty to choose from in Good Housekeeping, thirty in Cakes R Us and 846 in Google Food.

How do you pick the best cake?

It may not be as familiar, but selecting evidence to improve care is no different. We want to look at people with palliative care needs (cake) rather than hip surgery (boiled sweets). We can look at different databases (cook books) which will have differing numbers of recipes (articles and evidence).

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Aprons not needed.

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