A key part of our mission is to sustain improvement in services through implementation of our guidelines. We also create reports for services so people can use local data to focus their efforts.

Each November we showcase the work that has happened in our region through our Quality Improvement Special. Many of you were able to join us at our meeting on the 10th November where there was some great discussion and generation of ideas for future actions

As people start to think about how to build on their existing QI work in their own locality or organisation, we wanted to share with you some resources that may be of interest or help

1. Overviews of Quality Improvement in Healthcare

This a great engaging short sketch video giving some background that you could share with your team
youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq52ZjMzqyI&w=560&h=315%5D

This article offers a clear explanation of some common approaches used to improve quality, including where they have come from, their underlying principles and their efficacy and applicability within the healthcare arena.

It is written for a general health-care audience and will be most useful for those new to the field of quality improvement, or those wanting to be reminded of the key points.Health Foundation – Quality Improvement Made Simple

AQuA was established in 2010 to improve health and care quality in North West England. It aims to be a trusted and respected source of QI expertise for the NHS and social care system. It addressed 4 main priorities:

– delivery of high quality health care
– supporting system development
– delivering person centered care
– building capacity for improvement

Check out their latest publication which provides both practical support and a stimulus to action – A Sense of Hope, A Sense of Urgency 

2. One Stop QI Shops

East London NHS Foundation Trust has a wealth of resources on their website that can guide you through the steps of your QI journey.

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