Antibiotics towards the end of life…..

It has been some years since the regional guideline on the Use of Antibiotics in Palliative Care was updated. The last guideline focused on which antibiotics to use for different types of infections and so colleagues felt that the need for this guideline was replaced by Trust formularies.

Here we share a link to an article written in 2021 which highlights some good practice recommendations for antibiotic prescribing towards the end of life.

In light of the comments in the article we wonder whether this is a topic Pallaborative North West should consider for the 2024 cycle?. Please do share your thoughts with us.

2 thoughts on “Antibiotics towards the end of life…..

  1. Hi This is something I am looking at doing at St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester so out of your area but would be worth sharing ideas? Mary Ann



  2. Hi Mary Ann
    Many thanks for posting your comment. The Manchester area is very much part of Pallaborative North West and we are
    keen to promote collaboration with colleagues in your area too so it would be great to look at a combined project if that is something you are interested in?


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