Cancer Pain Procedures presentation July 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the presentations at our July 2022 Pallaborative North West meeting last week.We know that there were over 80 members joining us online.

Thank you to Dr. Anthony Thompson who shared with us how to use Mentimetre in virtual education events. It was interesting to see that most of us would take alcohol to a desert island rather than morphine! If you would like more information on using Mentimetre please feel free to email Dr. Thompson directly

We then moved to the fabulous work done by the Guideline Development Group looking at Cancer Pain Procedures. It was great to hear from Dr. Dominic Cliff one of the consultant anesthetists from Chester and Dr Sharma from the Walton Centre. There was a comprehensive literature review presented by GDG members and then the results from the healthcare professional and the pain lead surveys.

We were able to reflect on the proposed new standards and guidelines and hear thoughts from the PPI representative Mr. Bob Giles.

We know just how much time, effort and commitment it takes to get work like this ready to present and it was very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who is part of the Group. Your presentation gives us very clear guidance on what we need to do locally to improve patient care and experience.

If you missed the meeting or want the opportunity to have a second look at the slides then. Click here to access

We hope to have the complete recording of the meeting next week and will let you know when it is available.

The actual audit results will be shared with your clinical leads and Steering Group representatives. Please email us directly if you would also like a copy. As there was no clinical case note survey there will be no formal benchmarked localised report. However, if you would like us to share with you the survey results filtered for your locality please do let us know.

We understand the draft guidelines are almost complete and so we look forward to making them available on the website in the near future, whilst they complete the external review process. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to think about how the recommendations can be implemented in your locality.

Our next meeting is in September when we look forward to hearing from the GDG working on Management of Breakthrough Cancer Pain.

We hope that everyone manages to enjoy some downtime over the summer!

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