Data collection for Breakthrough Cancer Pain. Technical hitch now sorted

We are really sorry if you have experienced problems with the data input on Survey Monkey for the Breakthrough Cancer Pain clinical audit. We know that it has been working well for some units as over 100 cases have been uploaded but it hasn’t been working at all well for many others.

We are very confident that the issue is now resolved and you should easily be able to submit multiple cases.

This is such an important topic for palliative care so we hope that you will try to submit as many cases as you can and definitely the magic 10 for that localised report

Because of the problems that some of you have been experiencing, the closing date has been pushed back until the 5th August 2022 which we hope will give you enough time to get the data on the system.

A letter with an alternative link to the survey is being sent to all clinical leads tomorrow so if you still have problems with the link you already have please try the alternative which they will share with you. Alternatively you can always email and we will quickly send the link out to you

Fingers crossed!


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