Fog clearing……..

Huge thank you to Dr Dan Monnery and Dr Tom Steele who this morning facilitated a great virtual interactive workshop on Defining the Clinical Question .
At the beginning it seems an almost unachievable task to come up with a question that wouldnt leave us drowning in hundreds of articles.

But Dr Monnery led us through the PICO systematic approach so that we could define the population, the intervention ,the comparison and the outcome for each of the three topics.

By the end we had defined what we as specialists want to know and how to frame the clinical question so that the literature search will tell us what evidence is out there. We will then be in a good position to design the case note and professional audits

There has been a lot of interest in joining one of the groups with a choice of

transdermal opioids

parenteral NSAIDs

renal failure

if you are joining one of the groups and missed todays session get in touch at and we will share a link of the recording with you once it is available

The next educational session in this series is in June when DrSarah Fradsham will be sharing her top tips on doing the literature search. Check out the website for details and how to book your place

So thanks to Dan and Tom for giving us such a great start. We know that this work is so important and we are looking forward to the months ahead

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