Reflections from Roosevelt…

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States serving between 1901-1909

He once said

“the more you know about the past- the better prepared you are for the future…”

And with that in mind this week we have a couple of articles from the archives.

In 2001 Dame Cicely Saunders published an article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine titled the Evolution of Palliative Care. Forward 21 years and what she had to say then is just as relevant now.

Total Pain as a concept was introduced by Dame Cicely and is still a cornerstone of palliative care teaching and practice today. Check out this article by J Wood published in 2020 where he explores this in more detail especially in relation to the recent pandemic . Total Pain Extinction and the End of the World

And finally for something completely unrelated. Back in 2018 Anna Olson Brown and Nicola Harker published an article on 10 top tips on the novel use of immunotherapies in cancer .Things change quickly in the field but definitely still worth a look over.

Do you have an article that has really helped you? Please get in touch and we will make sure we feature it here on Pallaborative.

Happy reading!

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