Great presentation and some gremlins….

There was a great presentation today by the Ketamine Guideline Development Group as part of the Pallaborative North West 2021 Clinical Audit programme. Really focused, very helpful update of the literature, some searching discussion points and a practically useful guideline with some very appropriate standards. Looks like many of us may need to think about adjusting our clinical practice!.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted clinical cases for the audit -79 in total which is pretty impressive!! It was also good to hear the thoughts and suggestions from the patient and public representative Mary Worthington. Such a valuable addition to our way of thinking and always makes a difference to the final guideline

However we realise that today many of you were affected by the technical glitches and we can only apologise for this. I know people were very much looking forward to the meeting . The problems were caused by the MS Teams Live account which was completely out of our control despite Karen Ross working frantically behind the scenes to try and resolve the situation. We may need to look at what medium we use to try and avoid similar problems in future.

The good news is that the session was recorded and we are going to send the link out to your Steering Group locality lead so that you will be able to watch at your leisure. We will post information as soon as that is available along with the main discussion points from todays session. If you didn’t manage to join please do give us feedback and comments- the GDG really want your input as they begin to prepare the final guideline draft .

We will also be posting the literature review results on the website as well so you will be able to see what’s new since the last audit in 2012.

Finally a big thank you to Karen Ross for coordinating today and to Dr Tom Steele for doing a great job of chairing the meeting. Don’t miss his Christmas joke when you watch the playback!!

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