Pallaborative launch exciting new workshops

It was fabulous to have so many people join us last week at our slightly delayed audit programme launch for 2021/2022 and we were delighted to announce our new audit topics


Breakthrough pain

Renal failure

Interventional pain

And now we really need your help. The whole Pallaborative North West programme only works when people get involved with the different guideline development groups. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills , meet new and old friends and really make a difference to how we care for patients by helping to work out what we should be doing in each of these areas

And just because we know it can be scary volunteering for one of these groups we are really excited to tell you about our latest educational offering……

Dr Dan Monnery is leading two separate workshops on 3rd and 11th February, both between 2 and 3pm when he will share how the audit and guideline development process works, what it involves, why it is great a thing to do and his top tips

As many of you know Dan is a real enthusiast with a wealth of experience in being part of a Guideline Group. It is definitely a session not to miss, promises to be very educational and entertaining and you only need to attend one. And we promise you are not committed to anything at the end of it either….!!

Sol if you have ever thought you would like to get involved, or even if it has never occurred to you before now, please get in touch with Karen Ross asap and she will send you the link for the event. For the 3rd February workshop you need to have booked by the 2nd and for the 11th February you need to have booked by the 10th

So not much time ..

It will be via MS teams and we can’t wait to see you on screen

Take care

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