A new world of virtual interaction…

Well , perhaps not such a new world now to many of us as we get used to communicating through a screen but it was certainly a new experience for Pallaborative North West as we navigated our way through the first Microsoft Teams Live Event yesterday afternoon. Final count was at least 200 people joined us although we think there were probably quite a few people sharing one computer ( safely of course!). We will be sending out feedback forms electronically so please do let us know what you thought or post something on the website.

It was a fascinating 60 minutes as we explored Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions and what we recommend as best practice.. Differing challenges across our settings and personal experiences of successes and failures led to a lively (but silent) discussion and it was great to see so many people getting involved through the Q and A function. Thank you to Clare Finnegan for helping to helping to facilitate the discussion for us.

The GDG led by Sinead Benson have done a really great job in reviewing the literature and analysing all of the clinical data. Like them I was shocked by just how little evidence there is though. Surely we have to get our local research programmes tackling these key issues?

There were 347 cases submitted, so many teams/ units will be getting a localised report this time. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their data. Karen Ross is going to start getting these ready as quickly as possible as the information will be so important to you in developing your local action plans.

If you missed the event a recording will be available next week from our new You Tube channel although we will need to restrict access to members of Pallaborative NorthWest. Do contact Karen for more information. The full audit results will be shared with you via the localised reports but you can access the rest of the presentation here

I know the GDG have already drafted the guideline which we will be sending to members of the Steering Group and our independent reviewer very soon. We want to make sure we get this final guideline out to you as soon as possible.

So a much longer post than usual. I just want to say a final thank you to Karen and Paul O Donnell for their technical help behind the scenes yesterday. They did a fabulous job.

We are looking forward to doing it all again and hope to see you in our new virtual world at the next meeting in November

Take care and stay safe !!

One thought on “A new world of virtual interaction…

  1. Hi Louise

    We are just checking that you are now getting the links OK for Pallaborative North West

    We have relaunched that email address and it should be working If you have problems please just email alison.coackley@nhs.net.

    best wishes

    Pallaborative North West


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