Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions… Data Collection Underway

Data collection for our second clinical audit of 2020 – Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions- is now underway. The survey remains open until the 28th February 2020. Your  Clinical Leads and Steering Group representative should now have circulated details of the survey and the links that you need to submit your clinical cases.. If you haven’t heard anything please do contact us directly

Please note that in this audit the Healthcare Professional survey should only be completed by one healthcare professional so it will be important to nominate the individual within your team

As this topic is our “bread and butter” we are hoping that every team in the locality will find it possible to submit at least 10 clinical cases and probably a lot more. The more cases you can submit the more useful your localised report will be.

The results from this audit will be presented at the May 2020 meeting. Please see here for details of the Pallaborative North West 2020 programme. For access to all of the clinical guidelines please check out the Pallaborative North West website

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