Intractable Cough

It was great to start our 2020 programme off with a new topic and good to see so many colleagues able to join us for our regional audit meeting on 23rd January.

Chronic or intractable cough, is such a distressing symptom for patients and carers and can prove very challenging to manage. The Guideline Development Group shared their comprehensive review of the literature. An initial trawl of 1200 articles was finally reduced down to just 4. Definitely an area of care which is desperate for some new research

It was great to have our invited expert Dr Martin Ledson Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital join us for the meeting and share his expertise on the pathophysiology and the challenges of management

We heard the results from the healthcare professional survey and from the case note audit. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaires.

Localised reports will be available to teams who submitted 10 or more cases but if you didn’t quite manage that number you will still get a copy of the Network results, hopefully within the next 4 weeks.

if you missed the meeting or would like to see the slides from the literature review they are available here

We know there were some problems with our Zoom facility so apologies to colleagues who tried to join us remotely. We are working hard to sort things out ready for next time

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