Making QI Happen

Many of you will have been able to attend our Quality Improvement Special on 14th November 2019 where we were able to get practical experience of how we use the localised results from our clinical audits to drive improvements for patients in our locality.

Dr Andrew Khodabukus from the Royal Liverpool and University Broadgreen Hospitals is our QI guru and is also an AQUA Level 2 Practitioner. He led the QI session first of all recapping on what we actually mean by Quality in Healthcare. We then explored change methodology and learnt about the three fundamental questions we need to ask when we are trying to make things better. We learnt that we need to be curious and keep asking the questions and that we don’t need everything to be perfect to get started.

We then had a great opportunity to use our recent localised reports from the Anticoagulation audit to set an improvement aim and then identify the primary and secondary drivers. It was good to see localities starting this work together and we hope that over the coming months we can use this as a spring board to put our learning into practice.

We hope that at our QI meeting next year, people will feedback on how it made a real difference to the quality of patient care in their locality.

We are very grateful to Andrew for his thought provoking session and for sharing his expertise and providing practical help to get us started. Please click here to access the slides from his session

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