Running out of time

The deadline for submitting clinical cases and completing the healthcare professional survey for our regional audit on Anticoagulation is fast approaching.

Don’t miss your chance to receive a localised report for your team or organisation. You only need to submit a minimum of 10 cases. Your bespoke report, bench marked against regional results, will help you to identify and implement the changes that are really required in your area to improve patient care.

The final date for submission is 30th July so only seven days to go!!

And then make sure you have September 12th in your diary. That’s the date for the presentation of audit results and a discussion around the new standards and guidelines.

2 thoughts on “Running out of time

  1. Hi
    Can you tell me how to submit cases, please?

    Kind Regards
    Dr Andrea Graham
    St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice
    CW7 4DR
    01606 555489


  2. Hi Andrea
    Really sorry . There has been a problem getting emails form the website and I have only just seen this email. You should have been on the mailing list with details of how to co submit cases but clearly that didn’t reach you. We will make sure that doesn’t happen again. The next audit is Intractable cough which I suspect will start data collection in the autumn
    Many apologies



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