Don’t miss our Fatigue special

Thursday July 11th is the big day for our Guideline Development Group on Fatigue as they will be presenting their work at our regional clinical audit meeting. Come and hear news from the comprehensive literature review; see the results from the survey of health care professionals and check out the all important case audit results from across the network.

We will be discussing our new regional clinical guidelines and updating our standards. Its such an important topic affecting so many of the patients we care for and can be a very challenging symptom to help with

We would love to have you join us

We are meeting at the Marie Curie Hospice in Woolton Liverpool. Lunch is from 12.30pm and our meeting starts at 1pm

2 thoughts on “Don’t miss our Fatigue special

  1. Dear Pallaborative North West

    I would love to attend the Pallaborative events but struggle to do so as they fall on the day of my out-patient clinics. I am also an hour’s drive away and so although the event is only one and a half hours in duration it takes at least three and a half hours out of the day. Therefore to attend I need to cancel the afternoon clinic and part f the morning clinic.

    I wonder whether there is a way in which we could use videoconferencing technology to make it easier for people to ‘attend’ albeit virtually?

    I’d be really grateful if you could consider this. I know that Project ECHO uses Zoom technology – could this be an option? I am sure there are many other palliative care doctors who would like to attend but are unable to get the time off – particularly specialty doctors.

    Kind regards

    Andrea Graham

    Medical Director

    St Luke’s hospice



    CW7 1BH



  2. Hi Andrea
    just to update you re this. Karen is looking to do a trail run with you once she gets back from holiday in a weeks time. We want to make sure everything is working before we do a live pilot on September 12th with the |Anticoagulation audit meeting

    How does this sound?
    Best wishes


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