Essential Skills Course..

The final installment of this year’s Essential Skills course took place on Thursday 27th September and was a day packed with great learning .

There was an introductory session on study design and then participants had the opportunity to  hone their skills in critical appraisal by reviewing Randomised Controlled Trials, and Qualitative research papers  in Palliative Care.

After a well deserved lunch, delegates fine tuned audit standards and developed questionnaires in symptom control medication for dying people.

The day was completed by critiquing data presentations to avoid the tyranny of PowerPoint. Know your message! was the take home feedback

The annual essential skills course run by Pallaborative North West is in its third year and  we will now start to think about the programme for 2019. If you would like to get more involved please do contact us. If you missed any of the sessions in 2018 or feel  a refresh would be helpful then watch this space- we will be publishing new dates on our Education page in the near future

Our next education  is a Quality Improvement Special on 15th November; an interactive session where we will look at how we can be more effective in delivering change following a regional audit. A chance to share some of the challenges we all face and learn new ways of making the improvements in quality of care actually happen. We hope to see you there.

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