If you missed Opioid Substitution….

It was good to see so many colleagues join us at the  Pallaborative North West regional clinical audit meeting on Thursday 13th September at the Marie Curie Hospice in Liverpool.

The focus of our session was Opioid Substitution and first we had a chance to recap our current standards and guidelines.  Hard to believe they were written in 2009- meaning it is definitely time for an update!. The Guideline Development Group had done a great job reviewing all the literature and summarising the current evidence base for us before presenting the results from both the survey of health care professionals and the clinical audit. We had 82 professional responses and data from 285 clinical cases submitted which is very impressive. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and it was great to welcome Manchester colleagues joining with us in the data collection.

Rachel MacDonald highlighted the changes for the new guidelines before we heard  comments from  the invited expert, Dr Sophie Harrison, and our patient representative Bob Giles. It was then time for the much anticipated lively and constructive discussion facilitated in great style by Dr Anthony Thompson.

Key issues were: those all important conversion ratios particularly Oxycodone and Hydromorphone; brand prescribing; who uses what opioids where and  options for equianalgesic tables

The guidelines now start the internal and external review process. We are aiming to get this done in record time and hopefully have our new guideline published by the start of 2019.

We know that many people weren’t able to make the meeting and so we would recommend that you look at ways of sharing the presentation within your team or organisation. The literature review presentation is available here. If you would like the full version, including all of the audit data, please contact  our Quality Improvement Manager Karen Ross or email us directly

Localised reports from this clinical audit will be available for all teams who submitted ten or more clinical cases and these should be circulated in late autumn

Finally a huge thank you to all of the Guideline Development Group who have put so much work into delivering the presentation and to Dr Rebekah Wilmington for leading us through such an interesting session.

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