Get the guidelines on your smart phone

One of the great things about the new website is that it works well on any kind of smart phone- Apple or Android- and is easy to navigate and read the content. This means you have instant access to news and updates, plus very importantly the most recent versions of all of the clinical guidelines. No more out of date paper copies or frantic searching for a pink book!!

Something that works really well is to create two links on your phone home screen:

  1. a link to the main home website page


2. a link straight to the clinical guidelines page

If you need help in installing the links onto your phone you can either contact Karen Ross our Quality Improvement Manager, who can talk you through the process either by phone or email.

Alternatively there is some very simple guidance on the web which you could try. Do let us know how you get on – we would love to hear your feedback. And don’t forget to click the Follow Pallaborative North West button   at the foot of our Front Page. You will then receive email updates as soon as we add anything new or make any changes.

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